Encore, encore!

I went to sleep on Sunday night to the familiar drumming of rain on the roof. I didn’t mind. I’ve come to realize you can’t be greedy when it comes to the weather. We had sun our entire Coromandel weekend and I have come to love the rain since I’ve lived in NZ.

So when I woke up on Monday morning contemplating a return trip to Purangi Winery to fill the rainy day I was caught off guard. Birds were chirping and sun peeked in the window. 3 days of sunshine?? Now I was just feeling spoiled.

I ran off to the beach and lounged around. This stretch of beach in Whitianga should be called the Wind Chime Beach. As the waves slide over the sand all of the crushed seashells make the most beautiful sound. I hadn’t noticed the first time I laid out but in the stillness of the morning the sound took my breath away.

Once Sarah was up, we headed off to do one final walk/hike/tramp whatever you like to call it. We hopped on the Whitianga Ferry and landed approximately 1 1/2 minutes later in Ferry Landing.

This little…town?… has some nice walks and beaches and also has access to Purangi area and beaches.

Once again we were the only people on a stretch of beach that was stunning beyond words.

After some sunshine therapy we happened onto a walk that took us to a lookout of the city and harbor.

The rain from the night before made the landscape even more neon green than the usual and the turquoise of the water completed the technicolor feel.

We sat up on the lookout for longer than usual. No time tables, no worries, no need to rush.

I also had the realization that I never want to bungee jump. Looking over the edge of the cliff I could never imagine diving head first. (Are you happy Mom??)

At the end of our trek we wandered back right to where we started. The beach of course.

In the right hand corner you can see Shakespeare’s Cliff, a very beautiful, very touristy lookout area. I kind of look looking at it from far away rather than fighting crowds up close but maybe that’s just me.

A fabulous last day in Coromandel.

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