Driving Directions, Kiwi Style

Writing blogs is sometimes about airing out your skeletons right? I have to admit that living in the states my whole life fueled an unhealthy dependence on electronic driving directions. I faithfully printed Mapquest directions before going anywhere in high school. When I finally got a TomTom I bought, yes I spent money on, a Mob themed voice package so I could have Tony Soprano echoing out my car speakers and telling me which way to turn. Then smart phones further relieved any stress I ever could’ve felt trying to navigate to a location.

Oh I’m 45 seconds away? Now I’m 15 seconds away? Where is it, where is it??????? (Panic)

My inner directional goddess hasn’t just been lulled to sleep, she has left the building completely. And in her empty place it’s clear I am missing a critical life skill.

I mean, I’ve read The Passage, The Road, etc. I know that we may not have electronics forever.

Or if we do, that robots may take over (iRobot).

Thankfully, I am now in New Zealand where I am smart phone and TomTom free, thus forced to be aware of my surroundings when driving. Trouble is, all New Zealand roads look exactly the same. Two lanes, 100 kms, lots of twists and turns, green pastures, and cows.

S0 how does one navigate?? (Well, a map could be one option but that’s boring) You find landmarks of course! I have been to a teeny town called Kakahi a lot recently so I am going to take you along and show you the landmarks I use to find my way. Buckle up hehe.

Start off in the beautiful Turangi/Taupo area…

Make your way through the Forest of Wild Horses

Pass Volcano Road aka road leading to Mount Doom/Amon Amarth in Lord of the Rings (shut down due to the recent eruptions of course)

Through the Dry Desert aka Mordor (yes I’m a  nerd)

Wave to the Driftwood T-Rex

And once you reach the Love Shack you know you’re close.

Set your spedometer and go about 10kms more…and…BOOM!

Endless sky

And green grass for miles


But isn’t heaven everywhere in this country??

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