My Place

There are certain places in life you’re always looking for but never know it until you arrive.

I felt that fully, with all of my being, today. I weed whacked my way through a trail and despite all the road blocks pointing me back (the lake is the other way, I should be going the other way…why is this trail just dirt and bush?) I continued on.

There isn’t a word for the feeling but… when everything inside you is telling you to turn around and stop wasting your time except for a teeny crystal of knowing…This is the feeling.

This is where the most magical places are found. Right past the uncomfortable and bland, beyond where everyone else would’ve given up.

These are the places that we think we can only dream about. Not so. They are right underneath your nose.

Push on.

Places where clouds reflect so perfectly off the water you forget which way is the sky.

Where the only sound breaking the silence is a symphony of water dancing over the rocks.

Where the sun and moon meet to say hello.

Normal places. Plain, overlooked, ignored places.

The magic is there, I promise.

I found my place, go find yours.

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