Land of Road Trippin

BIG NEWS… I embarked on my first mini road trip the other day. (See Mt. Tongariro and it’s cloud of smoke coming around the bend?) We didn’t have a very exciting end destination but… (insert cheesy it’s about the journey not the destination quote here)

I had the best kiwi company and junk food a girl could ask for.

We even got a chance to stop and oooh and aaah over the NZ landscape.

This is the kind of view you only see in Lonely Planet.

The crew taking it all in.

No road trip is complete without lots of nerd gear being toted along. (Glad I have Anthony to share in the nerdiness)

Next up on the road trip lineup? Cormandel. Land of the Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove,  Mount Paku, and world famous New Chums Beach. Oh and $20 hostel rooms. Not bad eh?

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