From worldwide adventurer to working mama from home

Last time I left you I quite literally had time to waste. Holed up in a cafe in New Zealand watching the rain pour down with a stack of books and no agenda. It’s almost laughable how different my reality is now. I’m in a different world — or at least on the other side of the world 🙂 Back in Colorado now, a full time wedding and portrait photographer and two tiny humans giving me and my husband a workout on the daily.

My passion for travel hasn’t dwindled but it has changed. My passion for writing has been sitting and waiting patiently until life opened up a blip of time for it to sneak in. Cue, 2020 pandemic and a slower work season than I’m used to.

Looking back on my blog from years past I read a girl who can’t sit still, always off on another adventure. Now it seems that side of me has had to take a back seat to my two kiddos — C and G. If I thought I couldn’t sit still before, now I’m really not allowed. If you know, YOU KNOW.

So what does a day in the life look like for us? I’m up EARLY. Like 4:45/5am early. Not because my kiddos are up that early (thank goodness) but because it is my time for me. By the end of the day I’m pretty spent and usually can only accomplish a few chapters from a good book — hello old lady. But the morning, the morning is glorious. I have a few hours of total quiet. In my busy season I work my tail off. In slower seasons I workout and have recently made a commitment to blog.

The kiddos are up and wandering around looking for fifteen different breakfasts by 7. Twice a week we run around in a disorganized tornado to get them out the door for preschool. (Luckily unaffected by COVID at this point) The other days we spend an embarrassing amount of time in our pjs — or switch to more comfy “daytime” clothes. Any one feel weird trading nighttime leggings for daytime leggings? (I’ve been forcing myself to wear jeans more often!)

Our other favorite activities? Trips to the library, nearby lake (only occasionally do we almost leave favorite toys behind), way too much playdo and legos and craft projects. And when I say craft projects I mean I have a bucket of the most random paper products in the world and I throw glue down. If you are looking for a crafty mom blog, this one isn’t it. But hey we love cutting paper plates into random shapes!

Hope you’ll follow along on our crazy journey! I can’t promise Pinterest perfect but I can promise some good laughs!

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