Zombies, Run!

Remember when I was really, really sad because The Passage ended and I didn’t have zombie/apocalyptic reading to keep me up all night? A couple Zombie events have happened since then that have fueled my addiction to all things dead…

1. Gloria invitied me to do a zombie run with her. Clearly she is a true friend if she knows there is nothing more exciting to me than running a race while getting attacked by the living dead from all directions.

2. I downloaded the app “Zombies, Run!” on my phone and my running life will never be the same. Every time I lace up my shoes I am embarking on an epic adventure where zombies breathe down my neck and I collect supplies for my small colony to survive.

Sometimes the power goes out and our forcefield of protection disappears.

Sometimes I have to run into the forest as a decoy.

Sometimes I collect batteries and sports bras and tinned food.

Sometimes my running partners turn into zombies themselves.

I freakin love this game. Every time I run it’s a new adventure. I have no clue what mission they will have me on and Sam Yao, the communications operator for my colony Abel Township, is always chiming in my ear. Doesn’t hurt that he has an Australian accent. I may be slightly obsessed. Sara Smith is another runner…She’s been coughing a lot lately though… has me a little worried that the zombie infection has gotten ahold of her.

Only time will tell I guess.

I know you will be on the edge of your seat waiting.

3. Justin Cronin has set a release date for the sequel to The Passage. (210 days…not like I’m keeping track of anything)

Word on the street is I can also get a zombie fix by watching The Walking Dead…What other zombie news is out there to fuel my addiction? Anyone…Anyone? Don’t tell me I’m the only zombie addict.

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