Workout for your Wallet

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I had a stroke of genius yesterday that I thought I would share with you..A little something I like to call Workout for your Wallet. It’s the new year and I, like many others, need to start saving up to replenish all of spending I’ve done. One of my highest categories of spending is Clothing, Jewelry, Makeup, Shoes, and Accessories. I’m not alone am I girls? Paralleling this goal of not spending is my need to workout more frequently. Here is my proposal:

Earn $1 for:
Every gym workout
Yoga session (My Yoga Online rocks my socks!)
Fitness DVD (Yeah I do these and they kick my butt! Jillian is a Goddess!)
Walking instead of driving
Bike ride
Snowshoe session
…You get the idea

Here comes the brilliance of it all! The money I accumulate from my activities will become my Clothing, Jewelry, Makeup, Shoes, Accessories budget! Nothing more, nothing less. Talk about a punch to my spending! I’ll keep you updated on this.

I’m at $3 so far….Earrings from H&M?!? I think I’ll wait a little longer 🙂

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