Why I run…

I don’t run for medals. I don’t run for racing shirts or fancy gear. I don’t run for PRs. I don’t run for weight loss. I don’t run for popularity or recognition.  I don’t even run for fitness. I’ll tell you why I do run though…

I run because there is no sweeter taste than that of fresh air

I run because nature paints colors that beat out any 3D movie or HDR photo

I run because when the breeze hits my face I feel peaceful and free

I run to be the only moving thing in a landscape of stillness

I run because it makes the smallest moments last an eternity

I run to sightsee

I run because there is nothing that calms me more than miles of open country roads

I run for that moment when the sun comes up and all of the world awakens

I run for the view at the top of the mountain

And the view looking up from a grassy mattress

I run because my favorite smell is forest

And there is something magical about being around water

I run because I can see the sunrise and set a million different ways

I run because I love the city before everyone wakes up

I run to explore

And I believe, despite what people may say, the trail never ends…

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