Run, run, run!

Had another wonderful race this morning with some of my favorite people!

Here’s a flashback to the ONLY races I have run recently. I use to race all the time! I’m thinking I will get back into it 🙂

Tough Mudder – No recorded time, the hardest race I have ever run hands down. There were a few key obstacles that make me cringe looking back…But I made it through them all. Monkey bars of death…Egghh… Half Pipe…Egghh. That’s all I will say. (Surprisingly the electrocution at the end was less memorable)

Oyster Race – Always a favorite of mine. We drank beer. We fingerpainted. We got ziptied to each other and ran around Coors Field. We threw fish. This race rocks. This year’s team managed to beat a whopping 27 other teams. Total Domination.

Fort Collins Turkey Trot – 11:00 pace… I was freezing this race and also very out of shape. I made Justin walk with me a few times. Without him by my side I probably would’ve walked more. Ok, I’ll be honest, the only reason I did it was so I could have an excuse to eat more later. This is an actual photo of me running…

Running of the Green – 9.37 pace… Lots of hills. Definitely could’ve pushed myself further but the wonderful weather may have made me run SLOWER. I didn’t want the race to end 🙂


Cherry Creek Sneak 10k – Regular old race….But the after party is rockin!

Colfax Marathon Relay – I’m on a team with some school friends and am ready to dominate our other school team. We have SOAR shirts, we are working on a name, and we will win. That’s all.

Color Run 5k – Get sprayed with balls of colored paint and come out looking like a tye dye monster? Yes please.

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