Reverse Bucket List

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in New Zealand over a month now. When I first got here I had this grand idea that I would make a bucket list for everything I wanted to do, see, accomplish. Pretty common these days I think. People are always wanted to cross things off a list. In fact, I always hear talk about how good it feels. How satisfied they are when they can look down and scratch out something they set out to do days, months, or years before.

I’m going to be honest. I think it’s bologna. Yes. BOLOGNA.

If you are going to set out to do something significant why would you want to cross it off once it’s finished?? Shouldn’t you be outlining over it in permanent marker and then framing it on the wall? That would make it distinct, give it some pizazz and also make a nice decoration piece.

I’m halfway kidding. I do hate bucket lists but I like the idea of feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot. So I bring to you a REVERSE bucket list. Genius eh? Here is everything I’ve done my first NZ month… No crossing off necessary.

I ran the Tough Guy and  Gal Challenge course…in the pouring rain

I ate a traditional Maori hangi meal

I got pulled to the top of a barn, hanging by a rope and then dropped. aka The Swoop

I traversed the New Zealand countryside

I went glowworm hunting and photographed the night sky

I became addicted to L&P soda

I fell in love with Lake Taupo

I ate my first Chip Butty and also discovered many other NZ culinary delights

I bought a glamorous car

I marveled at Huka Falls

I saw my first black swan

I went to a fashion show

I discovered Coromandel 

And listened to the shell symphony on the beach

I ate freshly caught NZ seafood

And wasted away a morning at Cathedral Cove

I made new friends in the most unexpected places

And dug my very own personal spa on the beach

I saw my first full rainbow

And found endless sky in Kakahi

I discovered untouched trails

And stood beside craters

Oh and I ran 20 kilometers

No big deal.

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