Olympic Sport Proposal

The Olympics are over, thus my post-Olympic depression has begun. I have watched Cool Runnings two and a half times in two days. I shrieked in victory when Valerie Adams beat out the pill popper for the gold, and I’ve been obsessively YouTubing sports bloopers into the wee hours of the morning.

And speaking of the Olympics, have you ever thought of sports that should be in the Olympics but aren’t? I daydream about this often and I know I’m not the only one. Funny enough it turns out many of the sports I once wished would be in the Olympics actually ARE or have been in the Olympics. For example: Race walking, a painfully addicting and hilarious sport to watch. Did you know tug o war and hot air ballooning use to be Olympic sports as well?

After an adventure I had this afternoon I am ready to propose a new Olympic sport… Mud Sliding. I’ll begin this story by telling you that it rained most of the day. This is important to remember.

I made my way over to Motuoapa Lodge in Turangi today for a walk I had read about in a few travel brochures.

It was an easy hike, easy to find (Right behind the lodge) and short. Triple bonus!

I should be honest here, this hike was supposed to be easy. The second I began my trek my mind flew back to a terrifying racing memory filled with mud/hills/chaos…This trail was so muddy I slipped onto my knees almost immediately and had to Tough Mudder  my way up the first slope. Not easy. Thus the idea for my new Olympic sport began…Mud Sliding.

It’s simple really, soak a trail in gallons of water (or let Mother Nature do the work for you) and see how fast you can climb up and get back down.

Contestants wear all white and bonus points go for clothing that remains clean.

Back to the hike 🙂 12 minutes or so later (not that I’m training or anything) I made it to the top and took in the beautiful view.

I waited around for the sunset but the marshmallow clouds swallowed it up before any magic could happen. Oh well, it was beautiful anyways.

Back to the main event…

Downhill gets REALLY fun. I developed a technique that seemed to work quite well. Don’t worry, I would be willing to train anyone looking to seriously compete in mud sliding.

Not bad eh?

 I walked away looking like the monster from one of my favorite Goosebumps books. No bonus points here.

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