Nature’s Post It

Arthur Fry

Source: Wikipedia

Toboggan Builder. Chemical Engineer. Post It Creator.

This guy really had things going for him. A human decides to put glue on the back of a piece of paper and it turns into one of the most innovative inventions of our lifetime!? I can’t say I’m not a little jealous. Don’t forget to feed the dog. E-mail Suzy. Wash your underwear. Post its are our sticky superheroes They REMIND us of things our brain doesn’t care to hold onto.

As I was driving home from work today my thoughts revolved around the following things: Why does it get dark so late? Why can’t I work at a place that has an afternoon siesta break? When will it be summer? The clock on my dash read 4:58, which meant I was two minutes ahead of the vehicle tsunami that is rush hour. Looking around, it didn’t matter much. I was driving 15 in a 65 and to be honest I was feeling pretty good about it. A post-it stuck to my dash reminded me to finish my Christmas thank you cards when I got home (Still haven’t done it yet). The bigger post it though was blinding me in the face.

Looking up, the sky was Bronco blue and orange. The color was so vivid it felt like a smack in the face to the trivial things I was nitpicking over in my head. I don’t know how many thousands travel every weekday in Denver at 5:00 pm but I know all of them are witnesses to skies like the one above. If we weren’t jam packed like sardines on highways all over the state how many of us would stop to notice the sunset? How many would stare in awe at the clouds catching on fire?

It got me thinking, maybe this is Mother Nature’s post-it to us all. A reminder that we are all very small in the grand scheme of things. Is the time we “waste” in rush hour traffic really wasted time? Or is it really the gift of a couple minutes of reflection and solitude?

You can read  this and go right back to screaming at the slow pokes in the fast lane or you can see what happens when you turn up the tunes and take in the stillness.

Stick that post it to your dashboard.

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