I have long said I love the forest more than the sidewalk. Today I’m going to take you along on one of my very favorite trail runs…

Oh, and don’t forget to bring along your air horn…You never know when you might run into a bear/moose/elk/reindeer?! You want to be able to make as much noise as possible if said encounter does occur.

See the orange tree? That’s a beetle pine. The pine beetle has eaten into a lot of the trees around RMNP. Pine beetles affect pine trees by laying eggs under the bark. I’ll spare you the details, but they end up killing the tree. Although a natural player in the life of a forest, as of late there has been a huge outbreak.

Sometimes the best trail runs are unmarked off shoots of popular hikes. I passed this jam packed parking lot on my run. No one knew I was there.

These types of runs are best when you come home to a fan club…

Cheers to dusty paths and pine tree air fresheners.

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