Kiwi Slang

I’ve added a bunch of words to my vocabulary since landing in New Zealand. Come along, let me introduce you to Kiwi slang… (Or at least my minimal understanding of it since being here a month ha!!)

Chip Butty – NZ’s favorite sandwich, white bread, fries and loads of TOMATO sauce, a variation on this can be seen on breakfast…Spaghettios on toast.

Togs – swim trunks, speedos, bikinis, swimming suits, anything related to swimwear

Torch – Flashlight

Gumboots – Rubber boots, rain boots, if you don’t have them you will suffer

Tramping – Hiking, sounds more hardcore right?!

Busking – performing on the street for money, common in NZ

Lolly Water – Bad beer, apparently Tui beer in a Kiwi’s eyes (wait for the lolly reference below)

Kumara – Sweet potato, NZ version

Cheers – Thanks! (duh)

Fish and Chips – NZ’s favorite fast food, sold in “scoops” of chips

Chips – Fries

Dodgy – Sketchy, shady, creepy, you get the idea

Pie – usually not the sweet variety but rather something similar to Chicken Pot Pie….these folks are DELISH.

Jandals – flip flops

Lollies – candy! This has become my permanent replacement for the word candy.

Puku – stomach, mine tends to hurt a lot when I eat too many of the lollies above

Mates/Cuz/Bros – Friends, amigos

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