Life has been busy. Way too busy than I ever like it but I’m dealing and most of the time my smile prevails over all stress. Looking back on the past couple of weeks there have been some highlights though. Some areas where I have seen remarkable gains…

Laughing – Since being back in the classroom I have been laughing Olympic amounts. Everything from interpretative dances to stand up comedy and magic tricks…Kids are hilarious and they are the contributing factor to my success in this area.

Reading – I have been reading the s*** out of books. No joke. I even picked up a book I never managed to finish from like 3 months ago…A review is on the horizon. Speaking of reading tons of books, who remembers Pizza Hut’s Book It Club?! Apparently Tebow is the new spokesperson…Ummm Tim…Hey, yeah it’s Megan. I’ve been reading a ton. I’ve earned all my book it stars. I need you to come read to me. Now.

Snuggling in bed – I must say, I am a world class athlete in this area of life…especially during the weeknights. Has anyone ever read the book Snuggle Mountain? Anyone? (Cricket, cricket) Well, you must pick up this literary adventure if you haven’t already. Emma, the main character, goes on quite a journey while climbing Snuggle Mountain. If Emma and I were competing I would dominate her. Just saying.

Hope your life has been just as thrilling!

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