Huka Falls to Aratiatia Dam Walk

Huka Falls is one of Taupo’s (and New Zealand’s) top tourist spots and after a second trip here today I can definitely see why. When I go to places like Huka Falls (which is rare considering the magnificence of it) I HATE bringing my camera. You can never quite capture the beauty. Never. I’ve made a feeble attempt but know that in person it is 10,000 times more mind blowing.

In Taupo some of the best “tourist” spots are connected by walkways. We decided to brave the bipolar weather and try one out. 7km from Huka Falls to the Aratiatia Dam.



The Waikato River connects up to Huka Falls and the water is surreal. Yes, it is this color.

The trail itself is almost as bipolar as the weather. One minute you are in a jungle, the next you are in a wide-stretching plains with rolling hills as your backdrop.

I couldn’t figure out what part of the world I was in. Fiji? Kansas? Sonoma?

If you run your little booty off, this does not take the two hours that are advertised. Plan for 50ish minutes if your speedy.

Or the two hours if you like to snap pics and breathe in the New Zealand awesomeness around you. Actually, I take that back. This trail is NOT pure New Zealand awesomeness. There are stretches that are pretty meh. If I was going to do it again I would bike.

The view of the dam at the end of your stretch is stunning though. Well worth it.

Don’t forget the standard photo op of you cheesing it up by the railing. Or maybe mix it up and do the non-traditional look. 😉

For 60ish dollars you can hop on a speed boat and jet to the falls… Maybe more of a rush….The walkway isn’t a bad FREE option though.

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