Hot Water Beach

So far I’ve told you about the beautiful, charming, and off the rocker parts of Coromandel, but our journey didn’t end there. The day was turning cloudy and cold after our delayed stop at the winery so we headed to the one place you go when it’s cloudy, cold, and threatening to rain… The beach.

No?!? Not the same for you?? Well in NZ this isn’t strange at all.

You see, we drive to the beaches, strip down to our togs (aka swimsuit), grab a shovel and start digging. And why you may be wondering? Well to sit in hot tub temperature mini spas overlooking the crashing waves.

Welcome to Hot Water Beach folks.

Walking a long this beach is equal parts bizarre and wonderful. At parts the sand is so hot (it can get up to 145degrees F!) that you can sit back and watch people from all walks of life and coolness levels shriek and scream their way to the freezing ocean water, their feet steaming and sizzling from the heat.

Creating your very own mini sand spa isn’t for the lazy. First step is finding a spot that is semi warm, not too hot or you will wind up shrieking (see above). Next, dig, dig, dig. Then, once you have sandcastle style walls surrounding you break down one side to allow for some hot water to flow in… Smile and relax for a few minutes but don’t get too comfortable or your water will start to feel like lava. Open another side of your wall to get some cold ocean water in.

NOW, sit back, relax, and savor the fact that you are sunbathing on a beach in the middle of winter.

Another priceless moment brought to you by the beautiful country of new Zealand.

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