Give em the BEET down!

My school is very pro-veggie….A little too pro-veggie for my taste…if that’s even possible. We had a mini iron chef cook off competition the other week and we all snagged pretty rad t-shirts…

As I strutted around in my “beet” shirt today I had students running up to me, confused by the “junk food” label I was wearing.

You can’t like junkfood Ms. Megan!!!!  

No, no, no you have to read it carefully.  I’m giving junk food the BEET down.


Get it?

…..(More silence)

Like a BEET?

…….(Awkward silence- hard to ever get to this point with kids)

The Vegetable?

That’s not a vegetable. I’ve never heard of it. How do you eat it?

Well…Umm…You umm….

At this point I realize I’m a failure as a teacher. I don’t know how to cook beets? Even worse…..I DON’T THINK I’VE EVER EATEN THEM! As soon as school let out, I peeled out of the parking lot and straight to the Hippy Cottage (aka Vitamin Cottage). I grabbed beets (golden) and bolted out the door determined to cross this vegetable off my uneaten list.

I went a little beet crazy I guess because I decided to cook them two different ways. (Clearly trying to compensate for my lack of beet background) I steamed. I roasted.

To be honest the steaming was meh. I paired the beets with some broccoli and threw in some white onion flakes. Meh.

The roasted beets on the other hand were FAB. They almost had a sweet potato-esque flavor. If the dang things weren’t so hard to chop I almost think you could make beet fries.

I think next time I try beets I may grate them on top of  a salad…Yummm!

(Unfortunately I accidently deleted all my beet photos so I took this emo-mean photo of me in my beet shirt to make up for it.)

*** UPDATE: Steamed beets were doubly delicious as leftovers…I give my stamp of approval.

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