Game of Thrones Book 1

I started it not promising myself I would even finish…I certainly did finish though! As the seatbelt sign dinged announcing our arrival back into the US, I breathed a sigh of….relief? Angst? Anxiety? Talk about a cliffhanger.

I shut my kindle down and minutes later sauntered onto American soil/linoleum. I truly felt as if I was transported into the book at this point. I’m not sure if I was delirious from lack of sleep or the awful fluorescent haze pulsing into my eyeballs but all of a sudden my surroundings looked a little too war-like.

People grunted and pushed. I almost felt as if we were in line for a beheading. There was no fizzy water machines in site and the “watch guard” yells were shrill in the claustrophobic maze of people. A bird, yes a bird, pecked at the ground where some war painted (marker?) child had left granola bar bits.

I was preparing for one of the greatest battles of our modern age… The airport customs line. I look like I had been sleeping in a forest for weeks and my hair was filled with feathers from Shay’s fuzzy down coat (battle decorations?) I pondered taking the precious shaggy pillow, ripping it apart, and using it as a cloak as I proceeded through the security checkpoint. I held back..barely.

By the time I got to my gate I was already ordering Book 2.

After I clicked buy, I proceeded to buy the entire HBO first season in iTunes as well.

I looked around at my battleground and declared victory.

Clearly I am addicted.

READ IT. WATCH IT. (Just not on the airplane)

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