“Frosted” Flakes

To continue with my breakfast ramblings I thought I would zero in on one of my very favorite morning super heros…Tony the Tiger. He’s built like an elite athlete, can throw a football like Tim Tebow, and let’s be honest…people love him. The thing is, the product he’s plastered his face on isn’t helping him maintain his athletic shape. After a lifetime of Frosted Flakes every morning he winds up looking less like Tim Tebow Tiger and more like….

The whole idea of Frosted Flakes just irks me. Cereal Inventors suck us in when we are young and our metabolism is made of iron steel. We shovel down bowls of the sugary goodness, run miles and miles playing capture the flag and look like bean poles who could stand to eat more. Then we get a little older, usually around college is when the real horror sets in. Still confident in our Schwarzenegger metabolism we continue to eat the sugar soup. Problem is our metabolism has aged. Once a powerhouse, now a…well you get the idea.

I know I can’t scarf down bowls of Frosted Flakes anymore, but I think I may have found a replacement. Here’s the real kicker: It has no sugar. That is your warning label for this recipe as well. Don’t blame me when your cheeks aren’t stuck together from sugar shock. This recipe won’t do that. Don’t expect it to! If you want to continue on eating Frosted Flakes, please do. The stuff is darn good. If you want to switch it up and try something different, check out this recipe for Caramelized Coconut Chips. The only thing I changed to channel my inner Tony the Tiger was to add some Vanilla Powder instead of the salt. Once you have a batch whipped up, pour some coconut milk over it and relive the good old days — minus the sugar coma. (Capture the flag game anyone?!)

It uses unsweetened coconut flakes which you can pick up at your local hippy grocery store of choice.

The flakes are shredded thicker than your typical coconut so they have a more cereal-esque texture.

Try it….for Tony!

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