Everyone should own something from the 1930s

I spent Saturday bopping around the city with Jenny. We outfitted ourselves in yoga clothes, noshed on greek salads, sipped tea with cream, and meandered through the Broadway antique shops. (Aren’t we glamorous and interesting?!)

Of course we are.

By the time we made it to our final destination I found myself fully sucked into the life of vintage brooches and CLASSY bedazzled jewelry…Who would’ve ever thought it existed? I found myself in love with this final shop over all others.

For one it was named after a film I haven’t seen but apparently need to…

Somewhere in time movie

Second, I happened upon a necklace that made my heart beat a little faster. It didn’t have the typical bling but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I had to have it.

I frolicked around the store for a bit,eyeing myself in every mirror until I finally made my announcement public. “I want to buy!”  The store owner informed me that the piece was a 1930s Italian mosaic pendant.  (Check out some more pieces here. Some are sold for thousands of dollars depending on the mosaic size!) As I walked out of the store, my new-OLD purchase in hand, my wheels really started turning. What was the woman like who originally bought this necklace? Where did she buy it and what events did she wear it for? Did her friends gush over the vibrant colors? Did she delicately place it in her jewelry box, leaving it for only special occasions?

I did my research. And when I say research, I mean wikipedia. 1930s Italy was no dreamland. In fact, 1931 marked the beginning of a worldwide depression that hit Italy hard. Add on to that the fact that Italy had already been operating under a Fascist government and you end up with a lot of unhappy, poor, hungry, jobless citizens.

So, Mussolini had bling, but I get the feeling that few other Italians did.  Which means the owner of my necklace must’ve been well-off, glamorous, and quite possibly a celebrity. (Just roll with me here)

Cue The Andrews Sisters, one of the more popular singing groups of the time. Glam. Vogue. Rich. Surely, my necklace was worn by one of the sisters, or someone equally as dazzling.

I envision my necklace being matched up with outfits like these.

And worn to impress men like this.

Now here is the bigger question….
When are we going to have time machines so I can investigate this further? It’s 2012 people!!
(The Jetsons promised it by 2062 so I’ll try not to be impatient)

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