Err…umm..hello there

Have you ever avoided someone and felt like a fool in the process? In my prime (a year ago) I once told an unfortunate fellow I had been dating, lets call him Stu, that I couldn’t possibly go out with him one weekend. Stu was mildly nice. Yes, I said the dreaded n word….nnnnnnice. Anyways, my story for Stu was a doozy.

“Stu I just can’t go out this weekend. My grandmother in Kansas just passed away…yes, yes so sad but it was coming. Thank you for your concern. Have a good weekend yada yada.”

Flash forward three or four hours into the evening. I am jubilantly enjoying my Friday night surrounded by friends and apple juice. We tell stories and hoot in the corner at all the awful dancers at the bar. Typical Friday night.

And then in walks Stu.

I duck under the table in record speed. My heart thumps and my friends kick me like only true friends do when you are so clearly in distress. I am invisible. No one can see me and I am safe from Stu’s judging, hurt eyes.

I guess you can tell this story does not have a happy ending. Stu saw me in all my glory…on the floor gripping a barstool for dear life.

A true lesson in avoidance.

But I have been avoiding my dear blog in the same way. I think up lots of fancy excuses in my head.

Oh I like to write with pens now, not type things. Typing is so spring 2012. Writing is the cool thing.

Oh I don’t have anything interesting to write about. I’ve only been in another state for 2 months and am leaving the country in a week.

Oh I don’t have time to blog. I need to twiddle my thumbs and think about adding “create a packing list” to my to do list in my gigantic task list.

I’m done avoiding.

I’m back. Be ready for lots of in yo face blogging action. No more hiding under tables for me.

Sorry Stu.

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