Dump-Stir Dinner

So I invented a genius recipe but before I type it for you I want you to know how much I hate typing recipes. A huge reason why I decided to share this recipe today is because there is so little to type. Go ahead, call me a lazy blogger.

I also take food pictures with my iphone.

Please don’t judge my photography by my food photos.

Dump-Stir Dinner
Dump it in, stir it up, chow it down 🙂

Ground beef/bison/chicken/UNICORN…Whatever floats your boat
1 tbls Coconut oil or butter
2 handfuls veggies
2 handfuls spinach or salad greens
Diced onion (as much as your taste buds can handle)
SPICES….turn your dish to Moroccan, Indian, Italian..you name it!

Melt 1 tablespoon coconut oil or butter in a pan and add onion/garlic. As soon as garlic becomes fragrant, DUMP in vegetables (I used bell peppers and mushrooms). Cook until soft.

Salt and pepper your vegetables so they don’t turn rubbery and DUMP in ground meat. STIR in any other spices (I used Italian seasoning) Cook until brown.

DUMP spinach on top (Use a ton! It will cook down). I didn’t have spinach but I did have salad greens and that worked just fine. There are no rules with this recipe. STIR until wilted. (I also threw in some marinara sauce for good measure. It ended up being a nice addition, like I said, no rules.)

DUMP the mixture onto a plate and feast. This may not be the prettiest dinner but it is quick and delicious.


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