Dankee. Merci. Mahalo. Arigato.

And thank you in a hundred other languages as well!

I have been overwhelmed and overjoyed by all the amazing stories and comments you have shared since my blog was featured on “Freshly Pressed”.

The past day has brought over 5,000 6,000 views, hundreds of comments, 80 83 new followers and too many likes to keep track …..

This little Mona from the block is feeling the love and thankful for all the new friends.

I have shunned technology in the past, but one thing I can say for sure is that technology connects us all. It makes our world seem not so infinite. The dictionary defines “neighbor” in the terms… To be situated next to or very near (another). YUCK. If dictionaries were a physical thing anymore, I would rip out this page and throw it on the ground.

Some of us are separated by oceans, by state lines, by millions of miles and yet I’m reading your words and your reading mine. That’s more than most physical neighbors can say about each other.

So, hello neighbor!

Mom, don’t be jealous…Other people are reading my blog now. I promise you will always be my number one.

  1. That is what hapens when you start blogging.The world comes near to you and you start to realise how many people are outside there.But we all have always been here,The amazing thing that connect us now is internet and just we have to look out the window and say- hello neighbour-!!! 🙂

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