Cathedral Cove

Who would’ve thought the sun gods would bless us with another semi-ok day? I dragged my traveling buddies out of bed and we ventured off to Stop 1: Cathedral Cove.

The “hike” was mini and could’ve been done in high heels by any Colorado girl. It says 45 minutes, but anyone moving at more than a slugs pace would get there faster.

Whatever cathedral cove lacked in the rugged department it more than made up for in the scenery.

The last stretch of the walk is filled with stairs, by the time you step off the last one you might confuse yourself and think you’ve stepped into a postcard.

Cheesy as all but I kid you not this is the truth.

We wasted away the entire morning and even after admitting we needed to move on we held back another half hour or so.

I can’t imagine how packed this place gets in the summer, but I’m glad I got to see it as an untouched paradise — winter style.

As we walked out I picked up a yellow flyer dancing around on the ground. A winery. With pizza….

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