Breakups are hard. You turn over in bed at night reaching for that special someone and realize they are not there. You think about them nonstop and your head can’t stop replaying all the small moments, like a movie reel set on repeat. You talk about them all the time and find ways to work them into the most mundane conversations. You stalk them. You google their name and research where they will pop up next.

I have all the telltale signs of a breakup…

But this time it’s with a book.

Let me just say that The Passage and I had quite a tumultuous relationship. When we began our love affair, I was hypnotized with book lust. I could not put it down! The epic end of the world plot glued my eyes open for nights on end….

Then, as most couples know, the attraction wore off.

Somewhere along 1/3 of the way in, I crumbled. I put this book down and turned my head away in disgust. I didn’t pick it back up until 4 months later when it was the only choice on my kindle and I was stuck on a three hour flight. EVEN THEN I pondered reading the Sky Mall magazine instead. The Passage and I clearly were in the middle of a big couple fight.

No need to worry though! After steamrolling through a few chapters while rolling my eyes I was right back in love again.

This story is unlike any other. As I read, I envisioned the film in my head…It was that EPIC. How many times have I said EPIC? This book was EPIC.

Sigh. Now the book is over. And it left me hanging on the edge of my seat.I feel like a pre-teen sitting next to my cellphone waiting for the text from the boy…Oh wait I still do that.

I can only pray for a movie…or a sequel.

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