A Beachy Afternoon

I got off work today and since the sun was shining there was nothing I wanted to do more than get to the water. Lucky for me it is a quick 5 minute walk 🙂

I can feel the weather getting a little bit warmer now. I’ve stopped wearing long underwear under my clothes so that’s a start right? Pretty soon I will be wearing shorts and jumping in for a swim after a long day.

I lounged around for extra long today. I still can’t believe I live here.

Right as I was making my way back home I ran into Candy, a friend from work, and three of her kiddos. Rather than heading back I joined them.

I’m glad I did. They showed me their favorite little fishing spot. One of the boys can catch a trout with his bare hands!

The kids were a blast. No video games here. Just sunshine, water, sand, mud, and fish.

Oh and a confetti, cotton candy sky.

This spot right here is my favorite. Wish I could teleport you here to sit with me.

Since I can’t quite do that, I will share the sun with these crazy kiddos…Doesn’t this stick look like a boa constrictor?!

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